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Located in Qingcheng Mountain - Dujiangyan Irrigation System – Sichuan Province, which is a world cultural heritage and national 5A scenic spot, this project is where Qingchengshan Town’s round hill road and Dongruan Avenue meet. Qingcheng Mountain is China’s four famous mountains of Taoism and five celestial mountains. With thousands of ladders and winding path, the scenic spot is surrounded by mountains and lush trees. It is hailed as “the Most Tranquil Place in the World”.

Oriental artistic conception: Flowing among symbols and scenarios

Both oriental forms and modes are symbols and even the integration of scenarios that can be felt

Life for hermit: Seek for a tranquil paradise

Seek for a tranquil place where you could really relax yourself both in body and mind

Conservative expression · Replace complexity with simplicity · Balance of body and mind


“Qingcheng Mountain provides a quiet place for people to relax and improve themselves”



Mystery and profoundness can be seen in every part of it

公元765年,诗人杜甫途经宜宾,当地最高行政长官杨使君在东楼设宴,以重碧春酒款待,杜甫饮后赞叹不已,写下了《宴戎州杨使君东楼》:“胜绝惊身老,情忘发兴奇。座从歌伎密,乐任主人为。重碧拈春酒,轻红擘荔枝。楼高欲愁思,横笛未休吹。” 酒的历史承载了人们的情感与记忆。

In 765 AD, the poet Du Fu passed by Yibin, who was well received by the local highest administrative officer Yang Shujun by organizing a banquet for him in the east tower. Treated with heavy blue spring wine, Du Fu was amazed after drinking and wrote Banquet on the East Tower of Yang Shujun in Rongzhou: "Victory is astonishing, but I’m so old that I no longer have passion. I enjoy the programs that the master arranges. All the food served including wine and lychees are special and delicious. When climbing higher for pondering, the sad tweet comes to me continuously." The history of the wine carries people's emotions and memories.


The truth of hermit



The beauty of Qingcheng Mountain is expressed by scenery. In the forest, you can experience the solemnity of withered trees and the silence of ginkgo. In the artistic conception of bamboo weaving and wood carving, traditional and modern conceptions have a dialogue while, history and future blend together. Under the context of green mountains and waters, with Tai Chi and tea dyeing as emotional symbols, the beautiful scenery has integrated humanity and nature, beauty and poetry in design。



已而遂晴 故作此词

垂目参道无尽夜 观声轻诵五千言

一迳石墙分竹色 两桥涧水和松风

开琼筵以坐飞花 飞羽觞而醉清月

采药衔杯意阑珊 折竹行令笑迟迟

悠远筝声惊叶落 莹露坠惹莺蝉鸣


I hereby write down this poem for expressing my inner feelings

Looking down at the endless night, reciting the fabulous words

The beautiful scenery is divided by a stone wall with water and wind lingering on both sides

The earth is home to all things, and time is a passing traveler from ancient times to the present

We drank together happiness to see off my friends

Leaves fall and birds keep singing



Lobby: “Asking for Direction”: Querying the details


The lobby is designed in a silent way, which could guide people to think about the significance of life. The ancient wall decoration on wall seems like rolling water that triggers people’s thinking. It is a hermit that is asking his inner heart. The design is not only a space but a place that enlightens the inner feelings.


All-day dining restaurant: “A place for regaining strength”: Regain energy


The restaurant is designed in the form of banquet that people favor. It is not only a place for eating and drinking but also an ideal site for enjoying yourself. Talk with friends with drinking some tea and you will feel the fragrance of times. It is a place for dialogue between people and nature and where ideas and thoughts meet with each other.


Guest room area: Enlightenment and consideration


Guest rooms seem like an ocean where you can feel the freedom of life. It is a paradise for relaxation. Each space and detail reflects Zen's real meaning, making it seemingly a place for considering life and removing worries. While staying here with the embrace of Qingshan Mountain, you will be part of nature and have a chance to reconsider the essence of life.


Chinese food restaurant: Enjoy the delicate cuisines

The Chinese food restaurant is designed like a book focused on food. Here you can appreciate not only food but also the essence of life. Surrounded by a lush and green valley, you can feel the times with taste and the beauty of life with food.


Tea garden: “Interpretation”: A place for resting peacefully


The tea garden is quite tranquil and special. While drinking a cup of tea here, you may recollect the past and feel the peaceful atmosphere there. Here you can enjoy the special charm of life with tea and the glorious days with the warmth of tea.


Health preservation forest: “Realizing the truth”: Appreciating the wonder of the whole world


Upon entering the health preservation forest, you will see something totally different and appreciate the wonder of the whole world. You can witness the robustness of life in nature and harmony of everything. By removing all your worries, have a dialogue with nature to regain the purity and innocence that belong to you originally.



“Seek for simplicity, regain wonders”



With leaves swinging with wind and rain

归去 也无风雨也无晴

We’ll become brave and determined