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2018 1st Design Salon of Gangyuan Was Held Successfully

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On the afternoon of June 9, 2018, a salon sponsored by Gangyuan Design Group B and themed with “Innovative Design” was held in Bofang Art Gallery in Beijing. Guests Zhang Hongwei, Su Haiqing, Zhu Xianhua, Zhang Jingyu and Men Hao made a speech respectively. The salon was presided over by leader of Gangyuan’s Design Group B, and SVP Shi Fengbao delivered opening remarks.

In the salon, Zhang Hongwei shared the abilities that a creative designer should enjoy: 1. Have a solid art foundation and discover and create beauty with the vision of art. 2. Improve appreciation for aesthetics and art constantly. 3. Enhance personal taste and accomplishment and keep energetic and passionate.

In the salon, Su Haiqing delivered a speech on design inheritance and innovation: “Inheritance means absorbing the quintessence and discarding the dreg of Chinese culture; innovation is the essence of cultural development and driven by practice.”

In project analysis, Zhu Xianhua shared Concert Hall Project of Xinjiang Urumqi Cultural Center: He introduced his design thought and idea systematically and answered problems met in this large venue project.

Zhang Jingyu analyzed design thought and theme of Jiangxi Science and Technology Museum and shared site photos of the completed project.

Men Hao made a speech oriented to innovative thinking. He said, “Designer should treat design and client with the innovative thinking.” Men also analyzed innovative marketing strategy of Atour Hotel and Lincoln 4S store.

After guests’ sharing, Gangyuan’s designers communicated on design thought and doubts with the guests.


Group Photo of the Salon
Jointly held by Steve Leung Designers Limited (institutional shareholder) and Beijing Gangyuan Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Gangyuan has become a large famous professional interior design agency in China after more than 20 years of development since its establishment in 1995. With a strong focus on cultivation of designers, Gangyuan treats the “Innovative Design” Salon as a form of employee training, which provides a favorable exchange and learning opportunity for designers.